WL80 WardenLight 0.8 Cu. ft Digital Keypad Safe with Interior LED Light | AX13748

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The WardenLight Digital Keypad Security Safe with Interior LED Light series illuminates secure access to your valuables, even in the dead of night. The keypad features a touch-activated backlight keys and an optional Silent Access Mode. Unlocking the safe with your PIN code activates the built-in interior blue LED light. The contents of your safe will be securely and clearly within reach in seconds- without turning on the lights. The interior of the WardenLight LED Digital Keypad Security Safe is built extra-wide to accommodate most laptops. The safes include a soft carpeted bottom to protect your valuables, and built-in hooks on the inside of the door provide easy storage for keys. Pre-drilled anchor holes and included mounting hardware make for easy assembly.


  • Built-in Internal Blue LED Light with 30 Second Timer allows users to easily locate and access their belongings even in low-light conditions.
  • Backlit Keypad with Silent Access Mode enables users to enter their PIN code without making any noise, ensuring privacy and avoiding attention from others.
  • Extra Wide design can accommodate most laptops, providing a secure storage solution for electronic devices.
  • 3 Steel Locking Bolts provide additional security against unauthorized access.
  • 16 Gauge Solid Steel Construction ensures durability and protection against tampering.
  • Protective Carpeted Interior prevents scratches and damage to stored items.
  • Built-In Key Hooks offer convenient storage for spare keys.
  • Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes allow users to secure the safe to a surface for added stability.
  • 2 Back-Up Keys provide an alternative method of accessing the safe in case of battery failure or forgotten PIN codes.
  • 4 AA Batteries power the electronic keypad and LED light.
  • Mounting Hardware & Cable Lock provide added security against theft.
  • 9V Battery Emergency Access Point (9V battery not included) offers a backup power source to access the safe in case of battery failure.


Exterior Dimensions

10.63” x 15.75” x 11.42”

Interior Dimensions

8.1” x 15.6” x 11.3”

Included Accessories

2 Back-Up Keys, 4 AA Batteries, Mounting Hardware, Cable lock, Instruction Manual


Your convenience is our priority. Built-in key hooks offer a convenient solution for storing spare keys, and pre-drilled mounting holes enable secure installation for added stability. In case of unforeseen circumstances, rely on the two back-up keys as an alternative means of access.

Powering the electronic keypad and LED light are four AA batteries, included for your immediate use. For an extra layer of security, mounting hardware and a cable lock are provided to deter theft attempts. Additionally, an emergency access point, compatible with a 9V battery (not included), ensures you can access your belongings even in the event of battery failure.

Experience the pinnacle of security and accessibility with our versatile Safe – your reliable solution for safeguarding your valuables.


Experience enhanced convenience and security with our state-of-the-art Safe, thoughtfully designed to cater to your storage needs. The built-in internal LED light, complete with a 30-second timer, ensures easy retrieval of your belongings, even in dimly lit surroundings.

Our backlit keypad, featuring a silent access mode, guarantees discreet entry of your PIN code, maintaining your privacy and avoiding unwanted attention. The extra-wide design of the safe accommodates most laptops, making it an ideal repository for your electronic devices.

Rest assured with the assurance of three sturdy steel locking bolts, further bolstering the protection against unauthorized access. Crafted from resilient 16-gauge solid steel, this safe stands up to tampering and wear, while the protective carpeted interior safeguards your stored items from scratches.

Detailed Specifications



Model Number




Access Method


Locking System

3 Solid Steel Deadbolts

Lock Mechanism



2 Unique PIN Codes (3-8 Digits)



Body Material



16 Gauge




No (Please Take Appropriate Caution During Emergencies)

DOJ Approved


Exterior Dimensions

10.63” x 15.75” x 11.42”

Interior Dimensions

8.1” x 15.6” x 11.3”

Product Weight

22.16 lbs

Power Source

4 AA Batteries

Included Accessories

2 Back-Up Keys, 4 AA Batteries, Mounting Hardware, Cable lock, Instruction Manual


1 Year Limited WarrantyAX13748

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