Door Lock Security

Advantages of Barska Biometric Door Lock Handles:
Barska Biometric Door Handles offer several security advantages over traditional locks.  Fingerprint scanning ensures only approved users can register their fingerprints, while providing quicker access compared to traditional keys.  Biometric scanners swiftly recognize and grant or deny access, eliminating the hassle of rummaging through a keychain.  Installing and programming Barska Biometric Door Locks is a breeze, thanks to included mounting hardware and user-friendly setup.  Available in two different locking options, one with Biometric and Keypad, and the other is with Biometric and RFID tags.

Elevate your security game with Barska's cutting-edge Biometric Door Handle Locks, bringing high-tech biometric protection to any room. These innovative door handles offer enhanced security by granting access only to authorized users registered in the biometric fingerprint database.

Biometric Keypad Door Lock:
Barska's Biometric Keypad Door Lock offers not only biometric security but also a digital keypad for entering a user-created PIN code.  You can program up to 100 individual fingerprints into the biometric door lock's database, along with three master users who must be present during each new user registration.  If a user needs access but hasn't registered their fingerprint, they can simply use the numeric code for entry.

Biometric and RFID Security:
The model number EA12936 incorporate RFID tag scanning in addition to the Biometric security option as an alternate means of access.  With three master user RFID tags, you can easily program each user into the handle's RFID database.  RFID user cards can then be distributed to approved users, granting them secure entry. Attach these RFID tags to a keyring for quick and easy accessibility.  Additionally, each biometric and RFID door lock includes backup keys for traditional access.

Upgrade your security effortlessly with Barska's Biometric Door Handle Locks – your gateway to advanced, user-friendly, and highly effective security solutions.

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