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Elevate your home or business security with Barska's extensive line of Mail and Parcel Boxes. Designed to cater to a wide range of settings, our mail and parcel boxes provide a secure and convenient way to manage incoming mail and packages.

Choose from single, dual, or triple-compartment options to suit your specific needs. Among our standout offerings is the model CB13610, boasting a U.S. Patent (U.S. Patent No. 10,743,696) for its innovative adjustable parcel shelf. This shelf can be retracted between 3-5 inches to accommodate larger packages and features a push-lock mechanism to ensure the contents remain secure until retrieved by the owner.  For added versatility, some of our models come equipped with a convenient mail drop slot, making it effortless to deposit mail without needing to open the box.

Barska's mail boxes blend seamlessly into any environment, offering a choice of retro and contemporary designs to match your aesthetic preferences.  In addition to home solutions, Barska also provides business mailboxes tailored to the unique needs of professionals environment like doctors and dentists office.  These mailboxes feature dedicated slots for interoffice mail and other rollable paper documents, enhancing efficiency and organization within your workplace.

Discover Barska's Mail and Parcel Boxes today and experience the perfect combination of style, innovation, and security.

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