Diversion Safes

Diversion Safes - Discreet and Secure
Discover Barska's Diversion Safes – the perfect blend of discretion and security.  These safes cleverly masquerade as everyday objects, allowing you to safeguard your valuables in plain sight without raising any eyebrows.  Whether camouflaged as a book, or a dictionary, diversion safes provide an ingenious solution for concealing valuable items like jewelry, passports, cash, and more.  Barska offers a comprehensive selection of diversion safes in various styles to suit your unique needs.

Hidden Book Safes
One of the most prevalent types of diversion safes in the industry is the hidden book safe.  Designed to mimic the appearance of a regular book, these safes seamlessly blend into their surroundings, making them an exceptionally effective way to protect your valuables.  Barska offers a diverse range of hidden book safes in multiple styles, including dictionaries, antique map, and classic novels, and dual book.  Concealed within the realistic front and back covers of these book safes lies a steel lock box accessible only with the correct keys or combination.

Antique Hidden Book Lock Box
Within Barska's assortment of hidden book lock boxes, you'll find the Antique Collection.  These safes exude an antique charm with their textured book cover, creating a convincing disguise.  Opening the front cover reveals a concealed compartment that houses your valuables.  A traditional key lock on the steel door ensures the security of your jewelry, cash, passports, important documents, and small electronics.  A small magnetic closure adds an extra layer of assurance, ensuring the book cover stays closed and your belongings remain discreetly hidden.

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