Winbest SURVEYOR-100 Handheld Metal Detector by Barska

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The Surveyor-100 Handheld Metal Detector is a versatile compact wand detector with many applications. When metal is detected, the Surveyor-100 features a vibrating pulse indicator and flashing LED lights. The Surveyor-100 Detector can be used to pinpoint the exact location of a buried metal when metal detecting. With a 360-degree scanning area, the Surveyor-100 can detect in any position and at any angle. This compact handheld detector will detect valuable objects such as coins, jewelry, and precious metals. The Handheld Surveyor-100 features a built-in LED flashlight that can be used to spot objects in dark environments and also includes a convenient holster for easy transport.


  • Vibrating Pulse Indicator
  • Visual Light Indicator
  • 360 Degree Scan Coverage
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Durable Construction
  • Built-In LED Flashlight
  • Convenient Carry Holster
  • Easy to Use
  • Water Resistant
  • Length: 11 in
  • Sensitivity for U.S. Quarter: 1.5"

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