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Loaded Gear HD-100 Protective Hard Case | BH11856

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The Loaded Gear HD-100 watertight hard case, designed for protecting delicate and valuable items, is the ideal compact storage case. The compact size of the HD-100 tough case allows active uses to protect items when traveling and is compact enough to fit in a backpack or day bag. This dry case features an o-ring lining that when secured with set of 2 exterior latches creates a watertight and airtight seal. The HD-100 case has an externally accessible purge valve for atmospheric pressure equalization. Built to withstand extreme conditions and rugged use the HD-100 hard case was built with an exterior edge-to-edge crushproof design. The interior of the case features customizable pre-perforated cubed foam and an egg crate foam case liner to protect valuables from movement. The HD-100 also features reinforced crushproof case hinges, carry handle and 2 padlock mounting points.

Loaded Gear HD-100 Key Features:

  • Edge-to-edge crushproof case design
  • Watertight protective case seal
  • Pressure equalization case valve
  • Pre-perforated cubed foam
  • Egg crate foam padding
  • Two padlock mounting points

    Body Material


    Product Weight

    1.25 lbs


    1 Year Limited Warranty




    The HD-100 Hard Case is engineered to provide optimal protection and practicality for your valuable items. Its edge-to-edge crushproof case design ensures that your belongings are well-protected against external pressures. The watertight protective case seal forms a barrier against moisture and dust, maintaining the integrity of the contents.

    With a pressure equalization case valve, the case adapts to pressure changes during transportation, enhancing its durability. The pre-perforated cubed foam interior is customizable, allowing you to create a layout that securely accommodates your items. The egg crate foam padding provides an additional layer of cushioning against impacts.


    The case features two padlock mounting points for added security. With outer dimensions measuring 8.3 inches in length, 3.5 inches in width, and 6.6 inches in height, the case offers ample space for your belongings. Its inner dimensions are 7.30 inches in length, 2.95 inches in width, and 4.83 inches in height. Despite its protective features, the case is lightweight at 1.25 lbs, making it a practical and efficient solution for transporting and storing your valuable items.

    Detailed Specifications
    • Brand

    Loaded Gear

    • Model Number


    • UPC


    • Lock Mechanism


    • Body Material


    • Exterior Dimensions

    8.3" x 3.5" x 6.6"

    • Interior Dimensions

    7.3" x 2.95" x 4.83"

    • Product Weight

    1.25 lbs

    • Mountable


    • Warranty

    1 Year Limited Warranty

    • Color


    • Included Accessories

    Cubed foam, removable top and bottom foam

    • Waterproof




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