Large Medical Cabinet with Magnetic Dry Erase Pad and Marker | CB12824

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BARSKA Large Medical Cabinet keeps prescription medication and other medical supplies safely stored and secured.  Multiple shelves and some models features a fold-down internal cabinet for storage space for medical supplies and prescription drug bottles.  On this models, notes about prescriptions or patient information can be left on the included magnetic dry-erase pad, and a magnetized dry-erase marker can be placed anywhere on the Medical Cabinet to ensure it is always within reach.  All BARSKA Medical Cabinets comes will pre-drilled mounting holes and mounting hardware for easy installation.


  • Multiple steel shelves allow for multiple large or small items to be easily stored.
  • Internal cabinet door turns into a tray when Cabinet is open, providing space to place items temporarily.
  • Built-in steel pocket on the interior of the door can hold important documents or a clipboard.
  • Included Magnetic Dry Erase Pad and Dry Erase Marker to write personalized information and reminders.
  • Four Stickers with Medical-Related Icons to Easily Identify Cabinet.
  • 2 Keys for the lock secures items stored inside of the cabinet's solid steel body.
  • Included Mounting Hardware to affix Cabinet to a wall or vertical surface.
  • Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes allow users to secure the safe to a surface for added stability.

Body Material


Product Weight

Large | 14.9 lbs.

Exterior Dimensions (in)

Large | D:5.5in x W:15in x H:20.9in





Combining functionality and adaptability, this cabinet is designed to effortlessly accommodate a variety of storage needs. With multiple steel shelves, both large and small items find a secure place within, promoting an organized and efficient storage solution. The internal cabinet door's ingenious design further enhances usability by transforming into a convenient tray when opened, providing a practical space to temporarily set items down.

Taking organization to the next level, the cabinet features a built-in steel pocket on the interior of the door. This pocket serves as a dedicated spot to hold essential documents or a clipboard, ensuring that important information is easily accessible when needed. Additionally, the inclusion of a magnetic dry erase pad and marker empowers users to personalize the cabinet, jotting down reminders or notes directly on the surface.



For swift identification, four stickers adorned with medical-related icons adorn the cabinet, streamlining the process of locating specific supplies. Security remains a top priority, underscored by the cabinet's robust solid steel body and accompanying lock mechanism. The provision of two keys ensures that access is granted only to authorized individuals, safeguarding the contents within.

Ease of installation is paramount, and the cabinet comes complete with mounting hardware and pre-drilled holes. This enables users to securely affix the cabinet to a wall or vertical surface, ensuring stability and reliability. With an outer size measuring 5.5 inches in depth, 15 inches in width, and 20.9 inches in height, this cabinet offers ample storage capacity while maintaining a compact footprint. From its thoughtful design to its secure features, this cabinet presents a harmonious blend of practicality, organization, and security for a wide range of storage requirements.

Detailed Specifications



Model Number

Large - CB12824, Small - CB12820


Large - 790272002955, Small - 790272002931

Lock Type

Mechanical Key

Locking System

Mechanical Key Lock

Lock Mechanism


Access Method


Body Material


Product Weight

Large - 14.9 lbs., Small - 3.35 lbs.

Exterior Dimensions (in)

Large - 5.5in x 15in x 20.9in, Small - 3.23in x 10.63in x 9.45in




1 Year Limited Warranty



Included Accessories

Two Keys, Dry Erase Whiteboard, Dry Erase Marker, Four Medical Stickers





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