Assorted Key Tags for Key Cabinets, Large | AF13678, AF12496

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Size: 100 Pack
Size: 100 Pack


Identify important keys quickly and easily with the Assorted Key Tags from Barska. These key tags are color-coded and feature a write-on label. Barska Key Tags have a large window insert to clearly identify the keys, and the color-coded tags make finding the key that you are looking for fast and easy. Simply attach your key to the key tags and identify the key on the paper insert. These Key Tags from Barska work as replacement key tags for most Barska Multi-Key Lock Boxes.


  • Colors (random): Red, Blue, Black, Green, & Orange
  • Removable Write-On Label
  • Large Window Insert
  • Individual Tag Size: 2inch x 3/16inch x 7/8inch


100 Pack: AF13678

50 Pack: AF12496

Body Material



2" x 3/16" x 7/8"


Removable Write-On Label, Protective Plastic Window Inserts, Easy to Attach Jump Rings


Enhance your key organization effortlessly with Barska's Assorted Key Tags. These key tags are meticulously designed for convenience, featuring a color-coded system that allows you to identify important keys at a glance. Equipped with a write-on label, these tags provide a simple and efficient way to mark each key for easy reference. The key tags are equipped with a spacious window insert, ensuring clear visibility of the keys' identification, and the color-coded tags enable swift and effortless retrieval of the desired key. By attaching your keys to these tags and utilizing the paper insert, you'll be able to streamline your key management process effectively. These versatile Key Tags from Barska are also compatible with most Barska Multi-Key Lock Boxes, making them an ideal solution for replacing key tags.


This assortment of key tags offers a comprehensive set of features to optimize your key organization. With individual key tags in various colors including red, blue, black, green, and orange, you can categorize your keys with ease. The removable write-on label empowers you to customize the tags according to your preferences, while the large window insert ensures clear visibility of the keys' markings. Each individual tag measures 2 inches in length, 3/16 inches in width, and 7/8 inches in height, providing ample space for accurate identification. Designed for practicality and efficiency, these key tags from Barska enable you to maintain an organized and accessible key management system, simplifying your everyday tasks and ensuring that you can find the right key when you need it.

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Model Number

100 Pack: AF13678 | 50 Pack: AF12496


100 Pack: 790272007363 | 50 Pack: 790272001309

Body Material


Exterior Dimensions

Individual Tag Size: 2" x 3/16" x 7/8"

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