Loaded Gear

Loaded Gear VX-100 Tactical Vest and Leg Platforms | Black, OD Green, Dark Earth | BI12016, BI12330, BI12344

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Color: Black
Color: Black


The Loaded Gear VX-100 Tactical Vest from Barska keeps ammo and tactical essentials organized and close at hand. The VX-100 is fully adjustable to fit most adults (S-XXL), with adjustable shoulder panels, side straps, and ladder buckles on each side of the vest allow for a quick and customized fit. This tactical vest features four rifle mag pouches that can fit a standard AR-15 or AK 30 round magazines, and feature quick-release elastic pull-tab retainers for easy access. The VX-100 Tactical Vest utilizes the MOLLE attachment system, allowing the included accessory pouches to be arranged in multiple configurations. 


  • Four Rifle Magazine Pouches 
  • Fits AR-15 and AK Magazine Sizes up to 30 Rounds
  • Integrated MOLLE System
  • Adjustable to Most Adult Body Sizes (S - XXL)
  • Two Pistol Magazine Pouches
  • Detachable Drop Leg Holster
  • Detachable Drop Leg Dump Pouch
  • Fully Adjustable Belt
  • Large Utility Pouch
  • Radio Pouch with Buckle
  • Accessory Pouch with Buckle
  • Large Internal Mesh Pocket (Fits Hydration Packs)
  • Emergency Drag Handle


Black: BI12016

OD Green: BI12330

Dark Earth: BI12344


Fits Most Adults (Adult S – XXL)


6.6 lbs

Body Material

600 Denier Polyester, High Tensile Strength Poly Webbing, High Tensile Strength Poly Velcro


Equip yourself for tactical readiness with this versatile gear setup. The kit boasts four rifle magazine pouches capable of accommodating AR-15 and AK magazine sizes of up to 30 rounds, ensuring quick access to your ammunition. Integrated with an efficient MOLLE system, this rig is designed for optimal customization. What's more, its adjustable design caters to various body sizes, spanning from S to XXL, guaranteeing a comfortable fit and seamless maneuverability. Whether you're gearing up for dynamic missions or intense training sessions, this rig provides the flexibility and convenience to keep you prepared and focused.


Unleash your tactical prowess with the inclusion of two pistol magazine pouches, a detachable drop leg holster, and a detachable drop leg dump pouch. These components offer streamlined access to your sidearm and additional storage, enabling swift reloads and efficient organization of your equipment. The fully adjustable belt ensures a secure fit, maintaining the stability of your loadout during high-intensity situations. With the addition of a large utility pouch, radio pouch with buckle, and accessory pouch with buckle, this kit offers ample storage for essential items. A large internal mesh pocket accommodates hydration packs, keeping you hydrated during extended missions. For moments that demand immediate assistance, the emergency drag handle stands ready to aid in swift extractions. This comprehensive kit merges convenience with functionality, ensuring you're equipped to handle the challenges of your tactical endeavors.

Detailed Specifications


Loaded Gear

Black SKU & UPC

BI12016, 790272984541

OD Green SKU & UPC

BI12330, 790272000586

Dark Earth SKU & UPC

BI12344, 790272000654


Fits Most Adults (Adult S – XXL)

Body Material

600 Denier Polyester, High Tensile Strength Poly Webbing, High Tensile Strength Poly Velcro

MOLLE System


Product Weight

6.6 lbs (with leg platforms)


1 Year Limited Warranty



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