X-Trail Series Fixed Power Binoculars, Available in Porro and Reverse Porro Prisms

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Prism Type: Porro
Magnification: 15x70
Prism Type: Porro
Magnification: 15x70


The X-Trail Binoculars Series from Barska have large objective lenses to maximize light transmission and a generous magnification to bring the viewing target right up-front. The X-Trail's Porro/Reverse Porro design creates a viewing experience of clarity and highly contrasted images. Rubber armoring with indented finger holds provide a protective non-slip grip and added protection for the housing and internal optics. All this, coupled with a wide-angle field of view, produces an ideal outdoor binocular for spectacular scenic viewing.


  • Protective No-Slip Rubber Armor
  • AB10154 [15x70mm] Includes Table Top Tripod and Tripod Adapter

Includes Tripod Adaptor & Tabletop Tripod

15x70: yes

Field of View

15x70: 231ft/77m

12x60: 246ft/82m

20x50 WA: 168ft/56m

10x50 WA: 367ft/122m

10x50/Reverse Porro: 324ft/108m

8x42: 378ft/126m

8x30: 429.8ft/131m

Eye Relief

15x70: 20mm

12x60: 11.80mm

20x50 WA: 7.2mm

10x50 WA: 12.7mm

10x50/Reverse Porro: 20mm

8x42: 20mm

8x30: 11.8mm

Prism Glass

15x70: BAK-4

Everything Else: BK-7


The Barska X-Trail Binoculars Series boasts thoughtful designs that prioritize optimal viewing. With their large objective lenses, the optics maximizes light transmission while the generous magnification brings your target closer for an immersive experience. The Porro & Reverse Porro designs, coupled with advanced optics, ensure crystal-clear images with impressive contrast. The rubber armoring not only offers a non-slip grip but also safeguards the binocular's housing and internal optics, making it an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking remarkable scenic views.


These binoculars come loaded with remarkable features to enhance your viewing. With powerful magnification and sizable objective lens, they capture every detail with precision. The wide field of view immerses you in expansive scenery, and select models includes a table-top tripod and tripod adapter for added convenience. Wrapped in protective no-slip rubber armor, the Barska X-Trail Binoculars series ensure a secure grip and lasting durability.

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