DX Keypad Style One Compartment Depository Safes | Keypad-F Style, Heavy-Walled Steel Construction

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Size: DX300 [1.72 Cu. ft]
Size: DX300 [1.72 Cu. ft]


The DX series of Keypad Depository Safes by BARSKA are heavy-walled steel deposit boxes intended for short-term storage of cash and is ideal for restaurants or any cash-business making regular bank deposits. The digital keypad can store up to two user-defined PIN codes.


  • A series of anti-fishing baffles located on the back of the drop chute prevents the contents from being retrieved by an unauthorized user.
  • The simple digital keypad design is extremely user-friendly to set up and operate, and can store two unique PIN codes.
  • Three steel deadbolts set in the anti-pry door help ensure that the depository safe door can only be opened when the correct PIN code is inputted.
  • A hidden lock located behind the Barska nameplate allows the safe to be open with a traditional key in the event that the batteries run low.


Effortlessly navigate the safe's features with its intuitive digital keypad design. The setup and operation process is remarkably user-friendly, accommodating two distinct PIN codes for authorized users. The anti-pry door is further reinforced by three steel deadbolts, ensuring access solely through the input of the correct PIN code.

For added contingency, a hidden lock discreetly positioned behind the Barska nameplate provides access using a traditional key in case of low battery power. Elevate your security standards with this advanced depository safe, seamlessly integrating anti-fishing measures, user-friendly design, and robust locking mechanisms to ensure your valuables are safeguarded comprehensively.


Discover enhanced security with our depository safe, fortified against unauthorized access attempts. The drop chute is fortified with a series of anti-fishing baffles on its back, effectively preventing retrieval of contents by unauthorized users.

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